Self Acceptance

Increased Self Acceptance means less Worrying and more Living

Believe it or not, lack of self-acceptance is incredibly common for both men and women, and the consequences can impact much more than self-esteem, recent studiesshow that lack of self-acceptance can disrupt emotional stability and even give rise to physical changes in the brain. 

What’s more, a lack of self-acceptance has nothing to do with awareness or intelligence and further researchindicates that people with a higher level of education are much more likely to be self-critical.

But what does this mean exactly and why should we pay more attention to self-acceptance? Well, it means that nobody is bullet-proof and a lack of self-acceptance is harmful to the mind and body.

Let’s take a closer look at the importance and inner workings of self-acceptance:

The Reasons and Forces Behind Self-Acceptance

Self-acceptance refers to how we perceive our various personal attributes and includes many faucets such as self-protection against criticism, body acceptance and self-belief in terms of our capabilities.

For many people, self-acceptance and self-esteem are the same thing but one is often the reason for the other and the level of self-acceptance can drive self-esteem up or down. At the same time, in order to know how to approach a lack of self-acceptance, it’s important to better understand why people might experience this issue in the first place.

In most instances, low self-acceptance is the result of life experiences and the environment in which a person grows. For example, people who lack self-acceptance may not have received much support or empathy during childhood. As a result, “normal” approval is not enough to bolster their self-esteem and they may require much stronger affirmation than most people in their adult lives.  

How to Deal with Lack of Self Acceptance

How to deal with this lack of self-acceptance can be complex and without a deeper understanding, most efforts to improve our levels of self-acceptance can be short-lived.

For example, many people try to improve their self-acceptance through some form of achievement but the positive effect of this accomplishment will only last for so long. Also there is often a viscous cycle in progress, for lack of self-acceptance can disable mindfulness or lessen the effectiveness of self-therapy.  

The truth is, self-help is only the beginning and sometimes what can really support us in building long term and empowering self-acceptance is getting short term professional support from a therapist or Life Coach. 

Wellbeing and the Importance of Therapy 

When I speak with my clients about a lack of self-acceptance, I always say that we must be open and willing to change in order to achieve the life that we want to live. It sounds somewhat cliche but this is a critical aspect of personal growth and the foundation on which self-acceptance can prosper.

It should go without saying that there is always a very different reason for a lack of self-acceptance and professional therapy or Life Coaching is tasked with finding the root cause. Whether this relates to an unhappy workplace, complicated relationships or childhood trauma, the therapeutic support provides an opportunity to better understand and develop insightful realizations that can help bolster a persons’ emotions, spirituality and psychology.

There are also techniques and methods which can improve the level of self-acceptance and practicing mindfulness is one such exercise that can greatly reduce the impact of stress.  Additionally building strong personal foundations can also massively support improved levels of self acceptance and our overall sense of wellbeing. 

It’s true, lack of self-acceptance is common and the consequences go far beyond the presence or absence of self-esteem. However, willingness to change is a step in the right direction and as with anything in life, when you know the true reasons for a lack of self-acceptance, addressing those will enable you to stop worrying and start living.

we can offer you advice and support with in building increased levels of self acceptance. If you feel it would help to have a conversation about your next steps – email me directly at and I would be delighted to arrange a time to talk. Or why not listen to the “YourIntuitiveLifeCoach” podcast.

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