Wish it, Fear it, Breathe it and Step Out.


When we think about fear we can imagine it as something big and impenetrable and yet there are subtleties to fear that can run through us in our everyday lives. These subtle fears work to create doubt in our mind. These subtle doubts in turn can massively impact the decisions we choose to make and more importantly the decision we choose not to make. This can even happen without us being fully aware of it. We can tell ourselves that those decision we have made as a result of these doubts, are the best that we can do, we will work to convince ourselves that we are happy with our status quo, when really we are wishing that we could just take that leap, and do the things that we wish or want to do.

What really needs to happen to support ourselves in making a really clear and grounded decision about our life choices? We need to allow ourselves to take the time to sit and really connect with all those things that are feeding into and influencing those life decisions we make on a daily basis. These subtle doubts can include those sneaky behind the ear thoughts of “am I really good enough to do this”, “what if I fail”, “people will judge me”, “this could all go horribly wrong”, “if it does go wrong then what”, “maybe I am better off where I am”. These can then cloud our drive to follow our wishes and lead us to hesitate in taking action steps to make our wishes a reality.

So we have a choice, do we let these doubts take over, do we let them hang over us and over shadow the decisions we make, or do we hear does doubts, face those fears, breathe in and then choose to step out and allow ourselves to make our choices from a more trusting place. Do we choose to take action steps that bring us closer to making our life wishes reality? What if we could tell ourselves that every new experience is not to be feared but is an opportunity to grow and develop.

What if we allowed ourselves to make more supportive day to day choices that could potentially get us to those places we yearn to get to. Reminding ourselves as we go that whatever the outcome we will learn and grow from the experience. We will gain knowledge from those experiences and with new knowledge comes the opportunity to grow and develop beyond where we currently are. Opening us up to new possibilities like getting that promotion, having those new experiences we have craved or meeting and connecting with new people. All of which will support and nurture our inner sense of Wellbeing.    

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