Creating a Wellbeing State of Mind

When we are struggling with our wellbeing and feeling stressed or overwhelmed with what life is requiring of us each day, it can be hard to find the energy or drive to look at what needs to change or be different. Finding the energy to do so can help us  to feel more able to manage things and feel more in control. By working to create a wellbeing state of mind, you can start to address on a daily basis those things that you know will support you in managing day to day life. A wellbeing state of mind is choosing to be proactive about doing those things that will support and nurture you on a regular basis.

So where might you start, potentially you could firstly think about your Physical Wellbeing. Are you getting enough sleep, or getting enough rest time to allow your mind and body to switch off, do you have a solid wind-down and bed time routine that supports the possibility of a good and restful sleep? And crucially are you getting enough sleep. Research suggest that we need at least 7-8 hours sleep a night to make the most of the restorative values of sleep. Following on from a good nights sleep is a healthy diet to fuel you for your day. Look at what you are eating, is there a good variety of all food groups, avoid too much of one food group and processed foods, the fresher the food you eat the better you will feel.

What do you do to support your Mental Wellbeing, think about what activities or situations support you to mentally unwind? It could be talking with a good supportive friend, going to a yoga class, exercising with friends, or reading a good book. What helps give you some mental downtime and switch off the worrying and overthinking that may be going on in your head. Allowing our minds to focus on things we enjoy and get something out of can support us in finding solutions to things that we may be grappling with.

Next think about what you do to manage your Emotional Wellbeing? How often do you check in with yourself on how you are feeling? How often do you reflect on your day, the feelings you had through the day and why? And then reflect on how you can process these feelings and work to let them go and get passed them, so you can move forward into your next day. Understanding our emotional state can be a very effective emotional release for us.

Another key aspect of having a Wellbeing State of Mind is working to seek solutions to how you are feeling. If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, there is no need to cope on your own. Do choose to explore what are the solutions available to you to address how you are feeling currently. Reach out and talk to someone, look at what support is available to you and use this to support yourself to get to a less stressed place.

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