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Negative thinking – How to get unstuck and feel free


Do you feel stuck? Do you find yourself constantly battling negative thinking patterns that get in the way of you doing the things you wished you could do? Not sure how to get past those negative thoughts. Not sure how to even address that thinking pattern to change it, or do something more supporting and enabling of yourself.


Sometimes without even realising how it has happened you can find yourself feeling stuck. Do you notice yourself being negative towards yourself? And even when you try to untangle from the pattern of negative thinking that you hear going around in your head, its hard to know where to start.


So what can you do to support yourself to break this pattern? What can you do to change this current pattern into something more positive and affirming, that will empower and enable you? I think with anything the first step in the process is allowing yourself to acknowledge that you are feeling stuck, and that you do want things to be different or better going forwards.


Then the next step is to begin to plan out how you will actually do this. One of the key things when struggling with negative thinking is to find ways to manage that negative thinking pattern and give yourself permission to be more proactive about working your plan every day to bring in more positive thinking patterns into your daily actions. You choose also to work to gravitate towards those positive thinking patterns regularly, while still working to recognise the negatives. You then can actually being to set the intention to let those negative patterns go, and to turn more to the positive thoughts as your main focus.


As there are always going to be negatives and positives around in our day to day lives, working to handle and accept the negative, while also working to bring in the positive will help to balance things out for yourself, and this gives you access to a perspective (positive) that embraces possibilities, rather than a perspective (negative) that shuts these possibilities down.


 Struggling to know what will help with that? Here are some strategies to test out for yourself to see which ones support you best.


  • Work to identify some positive thoughts to say to yourself each day.
  • Recognise when negative thinking can start to take hold.
  • Create some effective techniques to support yourself in navigating those negative thoughts.
  • Create a solid self-affirming and self-caring routine.
  • Work to identify those habits and rituals that help you to feel better in yourself.
  • Start to create positive mantra’s that you feel will be a good daily support for you.
  • Get to know your self-sabotaging behaviours and create steps to counter these
  • Create a daily self-love ritual that empowers and inspires you
  • Create visual que’s and reminders that help keep you motivated and committed to your “Thrive Routine.”
  • Reflect and summarise your most significant awareness and learning points from this process, remember them and use them to support you going forward.


In my “Thoughts to Thrive” journal I offer a range of affirming mantras, and positive thought perspectives. It also offers some journaling space for you to write down your own thoughts. This can potentially help you to clarify your thinking on how to best support yourself in bringing a more positive perspective into your day to day thinking. Click on the link below and get your copy now.



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You are the creator of your own destiny, when you feel good you can live great.


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