Getting from stuck to unstuck with 4 easy steps.

Ever get to a point in your life where you feel totally stuck? Have you struggled to have any idea about what might need to change to get unstuck? That stuck feeling can show up in many different aspects of our life. We can feel stuck in our jobs, our relationships, financially, physically or even in our state of mind or the perspectives we hold.

What if you could use a simple practice to help you to explore what might be causing you to feel stuck? What if the practice helped identify steps you can take to help change things? And so help you feel less stuck. And even build a sense of progression for yourself. Would that be a practice you would use? Holding a willingness to change will greatly support you in this process.

Ok, So in order to do this you will need to consider a few different things. Firstly, recognising that you are feeling stuck, secondly exploring that stuck feeling a little deeper, thirdly, assessing things as they currently stand and how you would like things to be different for you. Finally, fourthly identifying what you would like to change or what is it you could start to do differently, to help you get unstuck. Leaving you feeling like you are making some form of progression towards where you would prefer to be.

Acknowledge Feeling Stuck

Firstly how do you recognise that stuck feeling? Take time to reflect on how you are feeling. Ask yourself a few test questions. Do you notice yourself constantly feeling frustrated with a particular aspect of your life? Do you find yourself feeling bored in that aspect of your life? What is it you feel you wish you had? What is it you are currently not getting? If you take the time to ask yourself these questions you will gradually begin to unpick what is feeding that stuck feeling. And then you can start to look at how you can begin to address things.

Explore and Consider your stuckness

Then secondly it helps to work to explore that stuck feeling a little more deeply. Give yourself the time and space to be honest with yourself. Allow yourself to identify aspects of your situation that you would like to be different. Then be specific about how exactly you would like things to be different. Identify where you are now, and where you would like to be in the future. Take time to write your thoughts about this down. Do this over a few days. Let your thoughts simmer and develop over a few days.

Getting unstuck

This then brings you to the third step in the process. After a period of time considering the situation and possible solutions. Create a solid destination point for yourself. Where would you like to be in say 3 months or 6 months from now? Or if it’s something that is over years that is ok too. Work to set a clear goal for yourself. Be clear about what it is you want to address or change. Know clearly what you are working to get away from, as well as what you are working to get to.  The more honest you are about this the more focused you can be on what you want to work towards, and how you can do this.

Clear Action Steps

The fourth and final step then is to create some daily realistic action steps that you can take to achieve your identified goal. Action steps are a crucial aspect of this process. They are what facilitates change. Create some SMART goals for yourself in support of this. Once you have identified the action steps, think about how you can hold yourself accountable. Can you share your goal with someone? Can you assign dates to your diary to do regular self-check-ins around your goals? Work to keep regular track of your goals. Commit to keep chipping away at the action steps one day at a time.

As human beings we are motivated by progress. So even just daily or weekly steps of progress will help you build momentum. And most importantly when setting action steps, make sure these are steps that are in your direct control. If you want some aspect of your life to change or be different you will be the catalyst for that change, no one else. Remember you are the creator of your own destiny. You can do this. You are an essential ingredient in getting from stuck to unstuck.

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