How personal reflection promotes personal wellbeing.

The Use of personal reflection time to nurture personal wellbeing.

Developing your reflective skills and adapting to a reflective state of mind, will support you in creating a deeper awareness of the state of your wellbeing.  Can you give yourself some time today or tomorrow and ask yourself the following questions. How am I feeling at the moment? What are the things that I need to do to support myself over the next week? What is my to-do list like? Is there anything on that list that I can let go of this week? What can I do to give myself some still time, some thinking time, or some outdoor time?


This reflective process can also involve allowing yourself to check in with yourself each day, reflecting on different aspects of your day.  This could include checking in around what emotions you have felt, acknowledging what you did well, and considering what situations you would like to have handled differently. These reflections will provide you with the information you need to assess your own needs, your own areas for potential growth and proactively support you in maintaining your ongoing sense of wellbeing.


Additionally using time to reflect you can also consider how you would like to manage the week ahead, set your intention for the week. That could be in terms of planning out some time to de-stress, time with friends, time to rest, or even allowing yourself to make clear boundaries around when you stop work, and do things for your personal benefit. Take some time to think out what is most important for you this week.


So maybe before you launch into this new week, take a moment, pause, and think about how you would like to see this coming week unfold. Consider what you can do directly to impact that for yourself, and to build your own levels of wellbeing.


This quote is beautiful, so maybe even consider some moments of solitude for yourself this week. As it says “Solitude is where I place my chaos to rest and awaken my inner peace.”   Nikki Rowe.


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