Improve your wellbeing through reflection and setting intentions for the week ahead

Sometimes it is the little details of our daily activities that can get the better of us or cause us to feel more stressed then usual. Personally I like to have a clear sense of what the week ahead has in store for me. As much as possible and in order to support myself I try to create a guide for myself to help me navigate the week ahead. I do this through reflection and then setting intentions for the coming week.


Using reflection time and setting my intentions for the week ahead has been really helpful. It has made such a difference to how I’ve engaged and been present in my weekly activities. It also created a degree of certainty around how I was going to engage with the week ahead. Do you like to set intentions for your week ahead? How do you go about doing that? After testing out a few different approaches I create a simple routine for myself in preparation for the week ahead, and use this regularly, to the point that it’s now very much something I do naturally. I started to break things down into bitesize chunks, as well as consider what I needed specifically that would support me through the week.


Initially my motivation in planning ahead was to try and take more ownership of the week and the things that needed to be done. It was also to look more closely at what was essential to be done and what was potentially ok to let go of in that particular week. In particular when things felt particularly busy or started to get overwhelming. So my approach was to think about those activities that I had direct control of. I then created a “Rule of 3” for myself. I would ask myself the following question: of all the things that potentially need to be done what three things can addressed first. So while initially my motivation was to have more ownership of my week, I found breaking things down into more manageable bitesize chunks really helped to take that sense of pressure off. It also gave me a deeper sense of control over the week ahead, day by day. While also giving me more head space.


I then began to realise that another aspect of things that was important to include was thinking about what I needed for myself specifically in the week ahead. Bringing yourself into the plan/guide is essential. Think about what you need. Do you need to get outdoors for a walk to unwind? Does it help for you to reach out and talk with friends? What else could you do to support your own wellbeing?


Giving yourself time and space amongst your daily life activities can really help you feel more grounded and in control of your day to day life. There are many things that go on in the world around us that we can’t control. By being proactive and focusing on the things that we have direct control over we can improve our levels of wellbeing. As well as feel more grounded in ourselves.


Protecting our levels of wellbeing and feeling more grounded in ourselves creates a solid personal foundation to build from. It also helps us to thrive in our day to day lives. It is by tending to these details of daily life, that we can open up many new possibilities for ourselves.


So pause for a moment and consider your own week ahead. What can you be proactive about this week? What do you need for yourself this week? Give yourself the time and space to set your own intentions and see how your week unfolds.


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