Creating Essential “MeTime” with these 3 Simple Steps

As we step into December it is that time of year when we can start to feel more tired and stressed. Our levels of wellbeing can begin to dip.  Significantly, as we approach the end of what could truly be described as a challenging year, it’s essential to nurture ourselves. Now more than ever it is important to work to support ourselves and give ourselves some time and breathing space to decompress. Particularly given all the external stress factors that are out in the world currently. Being proactive about this will support your long term wellbeing.

So given the pressures that we are all dealing with in differing degrees, how can you begin to create some essential “MeTime”. If you are uncertain on where to start, maybe applying these 3 simple steps will help you get a solid starting point for yourself.

Give yourself permission to actively support yourself and set a clear intention to put some “MeTime” into your weekly plan. We can lose sight of what we need when under pressure and juggling different responsibilities. We can even talk ourselves out of giving ourselves time to decompress. So that is an important reason to fully give yourself permission to create some time and space for yourself throughout the week. Reminding yourself that this time will help you to decompress, destress and unwind. Set a clear intention for yourself and actively commit to it.

How do you actively commit to this intention of creating “MeTime”? Proactively make time for yourself.  Consider your weekly schedule/calendar and give yourself specific time slots to do this. It could be doing meditation in the morning before work. It could be committing to do exercise outdoors after work. It could be intentionally choosing to eat a healthy meal or reading a book in the evening time to take your mind off your day. Choose whatever it is for you that helps you unwind and begin to relax. Consider where you can create 2 or 3 different time slots in your weekly schedule for doing those things that will help you to unwind and decompress.

Once you have allocated yourself some “MeTime” in your weekly calendar the next step is to pull together a list 3 or 4 possibilities or ideas of things you can do within your “MeTime”. Choose a few possibilities or ideas of what you would like to do. What things are you drawn to most? Are you creative? Do you like being active? or being outdoors? Think about these and only include activities that you’ll get something out of, or that you know will help you to unwind and take your mind off things.

So to get started right now, take a moment, look at your weekly calendar, pick some time slots in your week ahead, and then think what you could do for yourself within those time slots. Then set the intention for yourself to commit to the actions you have chosen. Remember you deserve time to recharge and rejuvenate, that is what helps us to cope with day-to-day life. So pause, reflect, and create a plan that will support you and your wellbeing this week.

So don’t hesitate, just jump in to creating some “MeTime” for yourself this week. If you feel you would benefit from taking time to reflect and begin to reduce your stress, you can access my “Stress Reduction” pdf, to begin the process of actively de-stressing. Click here to get this free pdf.

So finally remember, pause, reflect, and create a plan that will support you and your wellbeing this week.

Also, if you feel you need the benefit of a supportive community, why not join the “My Life to Shine Member’s Hub here or listen to “My Lifetential” podcast here.

If you feel it would help to have a conversation about your next steps – email me directly at and I would be delighted to arrange a time to talk.

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