Step Into Authentic Wellbeing in 3 Easy Steps

Working to proactively manage our own wellbeing levels is an essential key to feeling grounded in ourselves on a daily basis. Managing and supporting our wellbeing needs, creates space and opportunities which enable us to thrive in the lives we live.

One theory that was put forward by the American psychologist Rhyffs acknowledges the importance of six specific areas that contribute to people’s sense of wellbeing. These include:

  • Self-acceptance (self-love and self-care)
  • Personal growth (being able to step out of your comfort zone)
  • Purpose in life (why you do what you do)
  • Living life mastery (a feeling of “You’ve got this!”)
  • Autonomy (“I know my own mind and have a clear sense of myself.”)
  • Secure relations with others (“I’m at ease with my relationships and easily able to express myself.”)

All these things, when combined in the right balance for each individual, will positively contribute to that person’s sense of wellbeing. So this is a really important point to remember. That each of us will have a different mix of these markers that enables us to maintain a positive level of wellbeing and therefore thrive in our lives.

So if you haven’t yet begun to focus on your own authentic state of wellbeing, here are 3 straightforward steps that will help you to get started with this process.

Imagine and visualise what you would wish your own ideal state of wellbeing to look and feel like. Using the 6 markers above can be a good guide if needed. Pause for a moment and think about what emotional states, what activities, what people and what places help you to feel at ease, in the flow, inspired and motivated on a day to day basis. Write down what you have imagined and visualised for yourself, along with any other thoughts and perspectives that have struck you. You can record these in the form of a vision board or a brainstorming mind map. Whichever way helps you to create a blueprint of your ideal state of wellbeing to hold in mind.

The next step in the process is to now assess and compare this ideal state of wellbeing to your current state of wellbeing. Look at how things are for you currently. Pause and reflect on these two states of wellbeing. Look at the ideal state you would like for yourself, and compare it to your current state, where do you see the gaps. (if any). Can you identify gaps, and if so write down what you noticed.

Then take a moment to consider what gaps you have identified. Now can you create a plan and key action steps that you can take to begin to bridge the gap between your current state and ideal state of wellbeing. Begin to identify where you would like to start, and what action steps you can commit to take this week. And so start the process of achieving that ideal state of wellbeing you have created for yourself.

Remember the first step is always the hardest, but once you start the process and commit to one action step each day you will quickly build momentum. Think what you can do on a daily basis that will support, empower, nurture and enable you as you step into building your authentic state of wellbeing. You’ve got this.

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