Personal Growth and Taking that Leap of Faith

Personal Growth and Taking that Leap of Faith

We hear the term “Personal Growth and Development” much more these days. There is so much information and many more resources out there that encourage us to think about personal growth and how it can support us. Openness to Personal Growth is also one of the key wellbeing markers that influences our overall level of wellbeing. And yet it does seem a bit vague and woolly at times.

My first direct encounter of my personal growth and development experience was when it was put upon me as an essential requirement of my post-graduate counselling training. I was 29 and a baby in personal growth terms. Back then I viewed having that designated personal development time as a bit of an indulgence, almost a luxury. I was also naïve in terms of my expectations of it and how challenging it was going to be. And yet now my continued engagement in my personal growth and development has become an integral aspect of my ongoing life journey. It has become central to what supports my continuing growth and evolution. It also without a doubt supports my personal long-term wellbeing.

As I reflect on what being willing to step into a personal growth mindset gave me, I firstly realise it enabled me to get to know “ME” on a much deeper and accepting level. By being willing to step into exploring aspects of myself, my emotions and my behaviours, I became more empowered, more self-aware and more understanding of my emotions as well as my responses to a range of situations and other people’s behaviours.

Secondly, I now realise that I wouldn’t change any part of the process. I certainly wouldn’t want to do anything differently. I became more accepting of myself and of situations, and was increasingly able to explore my responses, and experience them with a more curious and less critical and judging perspective. That in itself has been liberating on so many different levels.

And finally, certainly there are some aspects of personal growth that are challenging, which require us to be able to look at ourselves and be able to recognise what we need to address and work to adapt or change. While that initially felt scary and catapulted me out of my comfort zone, I wouldn’t have it any other way now. It is, believe it or not, something I actually embrace now. I have to say I found myself smiling about this the other day, because that is a far cry from where I was when I tentatively started to lean into personal growth and development years ago.

So all I can say is this: if you are thinking about personal growth and development and what it could offer you – maybe you would like to feel more confident in yourself, to feel less stressed during work presentations, or to be able to hold your own in relationship dynamics, whatever it is you would like to be different or better for you – don’t hesitate. Go for it, lean in, step in or jump in! Having those thoughts and wishes are the signs of where you can start your personal growth journey and thus help you to begin to rise and thrive in your day-to-day life.

Struggling to find the motivation to step in? Then remind yourself that your personal growth and development journey is an integral part of what being a human being is all about, this is part of the work we need to be doing on ourselves every day.  So go on, take that leap of faith, and experience all that a personal growth mindset has to offer you.

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