Stepping Into Possibilities

Opening Yourself Up to Possibilities

It is so easy sometimes to live our lives in a very set way, conditioning our daily habits and behaviours based on rules we put on ourselves. But what if every so often you were to come out from under that umbrella of rules and norms? What if you explored what it would be like to take time to allow yourself to be more open to the possibilities that life has to offer you?

If you are someone who recognizes that you can be very prescriptive with your day-to-day routines, and your life, think for a moment – what if you gave yourself some space and time to explore what it would feel like to let your day unfold, rather than it be prescribed and planned?

What would that freedom feel like for you?

How would you offer yourself that opportunity?

Maybe try taking these few steps to begin with…

Choose a Day

First, choose a specific day to try this out for yourself. Choose a day, it can be any day, whichever feels like the best day for you. Mark it in your calendar. Give it a title like “My Free Day”, whatever feels like a good fit for you. But make that commitment to yourself, and fully step into it.

Let Go of Your Plans

Then on that day, do the following. First thing in the morning, pause and work to clear your mind of all those rules you put on yourself every day – whether that be how much work you need to do, what in the house needs sorting, what chores need doing – just let all of those go. If necessary, pick two things you feel you must do, and then leave it at that. Clear out all those other rules and plans you put on yourself each day. Breathe them out and let them go, for that specific day.

Let Go of Your Expectations

Then the next essential thing to let go of is your expectations of yourself and of the people around you. For this day, set your expectations at zero. Hold no expectations for the day –  approach it and engage with it from a curious place. Having a day that is free from plans and expectations may be a new experience for you, but stick with it, and try to work your way through any feelings that are saying you should be doing something constructive or shouldn’t be wasting time – this time is as important, if not more important, for you than the time you put into living by lists and plans.

Don’t Talk Yourself Out of Doing Things

Now that you have started to consciously let go of your plans and expectations, see what comes to mind for you – do you feel like reading a book? Going out for a walk? Talking to a friend? Cooking, writing or watching a favourite movie? Whatever may be popping into your mind, try not to talk yourself out of it. It may well be something that if you allow yourself to settle into doing it, you will enjoy and get something out of it for yourself.

What Possibilities Would You Like to be Open to?

Now that you have given yourself a day of taking things as they come rather than being driven by plans and expectations, have a think – what possibilities would you like to be more open to? Is it the possibility of more time for yourself? More time to do those things that you enjoy? What possibilities are coming to mind for you?

Plans, Guides and Possibilities

So, if you are willing to give this a try, great. Because life is all about balance – yeah, sure, we need plans and lists to guide us through our days, and they do help without a doubt. But sometimes what can be helpful is recognizing that we aren’t just guided by our lists and plans, we also need to give ourselves the opportunity to just be – to be present, to be open and be curious about the world around us and its possibilities. Sometimes it’s good to just allow things to unfold…

So, just maybe you can give yourself a day where you can relax your mind and let go of needing to live by a plan. And breathe, relax and just ‘be’.

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