3 Steps to Achieving your True Potential

Working to achieve our true potential or understanding what that is for each of us personally, can at times feel like searching for the Holy Grail. It’s hard to know where to start, or what to focus on when you explore that question for yourself. As a result, you may find that you drift along with life, and it may even be hard to feel confident about what to specifically focus and build on. That then can cause us to do things for all the wrong reasons. Which can have the knock on effect of leaving you with little motivation or engagement for the things you do actually engage in.

There are people who are really clear and focused on what they want to do and what they are drawn to. And there are other people who can get a bit stuck around where to even start. So, if you are one of those people who is not sure, here are 3 steps to focus on, to get more connected to who you really are and to help you feel more motivated to achieve your genuine potential.

Get grounded through self-care

First, without a doubt before you start to do anything else, I would encourage you to get to a balanced and grounded place in yourself. Be mindful of your stress levels and work to bring these down, and proactively manage these day-to-day and week to week.

Start to weave self-care habits into your daily routine. So, if right now you are stressed, feeling overwhelmed or feel like you are dealing with lots of different commitments, have a think about what you can do to support yourself. This will help take you away from that place of overwhelm, running around on empty or feeling like you are constantly on the back foot. Because when you are in that state of mind, it’s harder to see things clearly and openly.

Take some time to be present in what is going on for you day-to-day. Explore where you could start to give yourself some decompression time, some rest or recharge time – whatever helps to get you to a place of feeling grounded and feeling like things are relatively under control for you day-to-day.

Recognise what activities and actions help maintain that feeling for you and do those things regularly – it could be exercise, getting plenty of rest, taking some time for meditation or yoga, talking things out with supportive friends or all of the above. Whatever supports you to feel grounded, give yourself that self-care regularly to maintain your inner equilibrium. The better you care for yourself the more grounded you will feel and the clearer things will feel for you.

Re-write your inner thinking patterns

Secondly, and to get you moving towards reaching for your true potential, start to be more present and aware of the inner dialogue you have with yourself, as well as what inner life rules inform your engagement in your daily life.

Take some time with this. Maybe get a journal and begin to write down those regular conversations you have with yourself, those patterns of thought that may interfere with any decision-making process you might have. Does your inner dialogue focus on fear-thinking and seek out the problems in situations? Take some time here to unpick on a deeper level the ongoing conversations you have with yourself day-to-day. Ask yourself – do those internal conversations leave you feeling drained, stuck, or unmotivated? Are those internal daily conversations supporting and encouraging of you, or are they harsh and more judging of you?

Now this bit is key – if you recognise that you do tend to put pressure on yourself or judge yourself on a regular basis, take a moment and consider how you would like to rephrase those conversations you have with yourself.

What if you offered yourself a more understanding and curious perspective? Don’t pressurize yourself, don’t judge yourself. From today, create a daily practice of verbally offering yourself total and unconditional acceptance. And begin a practice of filtering your thinking and auto correcting your dialogue to be more supportive, nurturing and enabling of you. Remind yourself every day to open yourself to possibilities. Life is a journey to be explored with a curious mind and heart.

Do this for yourself every day.

Now be curious and explore

Thirdly, and building on that new way of thinking, start to consider – what things in your life do you get real value from? This is different for everyone, so remember that. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. We all have our own life journeys to take. So, part of what helps you to start to achieve your own true potential is for you to allow yourself to try things out.

Let go of the fear of failure or not being good enough at something. That openness to testing out, that trial and error mindset is what will support you in tapping into the things you genuinely get something out of doing. It will also build a deeper sense of self, and confidence for you. By letting go of fear-thinking, being open to new experiences, you give yourself that essential permission to get to know yourself on a much deeper level.

Because, your potential is not just about what you can do well, it is about tapping into that capacity for self-expression through the things we do and the things we get genuine enjoyment out of. For me potential is not about excelling at something, it is about giving yourself permission, space and time to honestly and genuinely express yourself through the things you do on a day-to-day basis.

Pause for a moment and consider these steps as you begin to reflect on what you would like your state of potential to look and feel like…

Manage your stress, support yourself to get to a more self-grounded place daily.

Be present in those conversations you have with yourself, begin to rephrase those, to be more supportive, accepting and self-enabling, then give yourself permission to be curious and open to exploring how you can begin to engage in your life, in a way that is truly an expression of you.

As David Gray says, Step out of the shadow. We’ve gotta go where we can shine’

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