5 Steps to Creating Positive Shifts in your Life

At times it can be hard to recognise that we are the creators of our own destiny. It can be hard to realise that everything we need to make significant and positive shifts in our lives is within us. Each of us has the capacity to achieve the life we wish for ourselves. As they say if you can imagine it you can achieve it. So where do you begin when wanting to create those positive shifts in your life. The first thing to do is imagine how you would prefer things to be.

Identify what you would like to be different?

Firstly consider where you are right now, how would you assess your day to day life currently. Now ask yourself, what would you like to be different or better? It can be hard to know where to start and how to identify what needs to be changed or done differently. So take your time with this. Sometimes we can be so busy running from a to b everyday that it may take a little while to get really clear on what aspects of your life you would prefer to be different. So if you can give yourself time and space daily over a few days to really be present in your day and consider what aspects of your life you would like to address or improve.

Envisage what you would like to work towards

Once you have given yourself some space and time to be more present in your daily life patterns, and have identified those aspects of your life that you would like to be different or better, allow yourself to consider how you would like things to be different or better, get specific, and then allow yourself to envisage what you would like to work towards and what you would like to become a reality for you. Now here is the key don’t hold back on this aspect of things. Allow yourself to be open to all possibilities. Create wishes and dreams that strongly link to your personal values and visualise this as a reality for yourself.

Give yourself permission to believe you can achieve your dreams

The next step is to not dismiss or talk yourself out working to create this new reality for yourself. Be your own best supporter and believe you can get there. Take full ownership of what you can bring to achieving your dreams, and work on aspects of yourself that need to grow and change too. This process is a life journey all the way. Being open and honest with yourself along the way is a crucial aspect of the journey and will only support you in creating and living the life you wish for.

Release and work through potential blocks/old emotions/old thinking

When we are aware that we want to achieve particular things for ourselves, but are also aware that we have fears and thoughts that are holding us back we can begin to feel stuck, frustrated, and unsure how to address this. This is possibly a good indicator that it would be a good time to work to understand what your own potential blocks might be, what old emotions you may be holding on to, or what old thinking is getting in the way of you moving forward. Work to understand what those blocks might be for your personally and think about what you can do to support yourself to begin to get unstuck and moving forward.

Learn to be open, flexible and fluid

Try not to over think or over control things. Take time and try to go with the flow and enjoy the process – Everything is a work in progress, let go of the need to be in full control all of the time. Work to be more mindful of when you are trying to over plan and over control things. Work to get comfortable with letting go of the need to control things all the time. Give yourself some space and time to get comfortable with going more with the flow. Work to have a spontaneous day, don’t over plan go with your feelings and what your drawn to rather what you might have planned. Maybe work to view your plan less of a plan but rather a guide, which can shift and change as you go. Remind yourself its not just about the destination but your journey along the way. So don’t miss out work to be present in your daily journey.

So where are you going to start, what is the first thing you can commit to doing for yourself to begin your own process towards making positive shifts in your life? Where would you like to start?

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