Your Personal Growth Plan in 4 Easy Steps

The concept of personal growth can feel nebulous at times. Finding ways to look at our own personal growth journey in a concrete way can be a challenge. And yet the beauty of ongoing personal growth is that it significantly supports our levels of wellbeing, our capacity to reach our true potential and feeds the human need to evolve, learn and grow.

So, what does it take to bring a personal growth mindset to your day-to-day habits and activities? What do you need to do to start to empower yourself in this way on an ongoing basis?

Why not try out this simple routine, using 4 very simple steps to begin your own process and commitment to ongoing personal growth?

First, it’s important to be aware that personal growth is strongly influenced and informed by our willingness to get to know ourselves on a much deeper level, as well as our willingness to take personal responsibility for our actions and behaviours on a daily basis. So, bearing that in mind, here are 4 key, yet simple, steps that you can take to begin to support yourself in creating a more empowered, personal-growth state of mind.

Take time each week to give yourself space to acknowledge your strengths and what you feel you do well. Consider these things and identify specifics about these strengths that you particularly value and draw on regularly to support yourself and others. Remind yourself of these strengths regularly and consider how transferable these skills are to all areas of your life. Think about how you might like to build on these strengths or expand on them to support your own personal growth. Set some milestones you would like to strive for and explore what can help you to begin to work towards those milestones.

Alongside acknowledging your strengths and how you can expand on these, next it is important to allow yourself the space and time to consider and identify those aspects of yourself that you would like to improve on, change or address. Are there aspects of who you are that get in the way of you achieving all the things you would like for yourself? Take some time to explore these aspects, allow yourself to look at them more closely, without judgement but with open curiosity. Remember – none of us is perfect, we all have aspects of who we are that could be improved. So, take some time on this and think what aspects of yourself you would like to improve or adapt.

Knowing what we want to address or adapt is a good thing. The next step then is to set a goal that you can actively commit to on a regular basis, a goal that will help you in addressing and testing out different things that will support you in adapting and improving the aspects of yourself you are focused on addressing. Now, here’s the thing, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a big aspect of yourself that you want to change, you can focus on smaller aspects of yourself first, and that in itself will lead to bigger, more significant, personal shifts over time. So even if you focused on choosing to smile more each day, to be more present, to proactively create a daily gratitude list – whatever it is for you – you can certainly start small and build up to the bigger things if that feels more comfortable for you.

Ok, so you’ve acknowledged your strengths, you’ve identified some aspects of yourself that you would like to adapt and improve, you’ve created some realistic and achievable goals to help you stay committed to creating those improvements and shifts. Now it’s important to set a regular check-in point where you pause and reflect on how you’ve progressed with those commitments to your personal-growth goals.

Take some time with this. Ask yourself some of the following questions: how did it feel committing to those goals? what was hard about working towards your personal growth goals? what did you learn about yourself during the process? Then look forward and ask yourself what else could you do to support yourself going forward? Is there anything new you would like to bring into the mix? Do you need to get support? How can you continue to hold yourself accountable and committed to those personal growth goals? Or if you feel you are ready to add a new personal-growth focus to the mix, do that too.

These 4 simple steps can support you to get clear on what supports you, what you can improve on and how to actively engage in making those improvements, while through the regular reflection of these personal growth steps you also begin to build a deeper sense of self-confidence, ownership and wellbeing.

So, where would you like to start?

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