Self-acceptance – a Gift for Personal Transformation

Self-acceptance is at the heart of what will support you in paving the way towards the life you want to achieve for yourself. Self-acceptance is the bedrock of our personal foundations that we build from.

In contrast, self-criticism, self-judgement and that constant pressure we can live our lives by truly slows us down, wears us out and drains us, without us even realising it. We think those patterns of thinking are what get us to where we are, and we couldn’t possibly progress without them when maybe, just maybe, by talking to ourselves in a more supportive, compassionate and self-affirming way it would be so much more energising, liberating and empowering for us.

If you are thinking “well, sure, I accept myself”, take a moment and consider how do you do this daily? How are you your own best supporter every day? Think what you do specifically that tells you each day that you accept yourself fully and unconditionally.  What if you supported yourself every day, made self-affirming choices, used regular self-supporting self-talk, built yourself up every day? How would that feel for you? Visualise yourself doing all those things that demonstrate that you fully accept yourself daily. Are you giving yourself rest when you need it, giving yourself space and time when you have had a difficult day, giving yourself some down-time doing those things that you enjoy, giving yourself opportunities to try out new things, giving yourself new experiences to grow and expand through?

Here are just some of the benefits of being fully committed to self-accepting behaviours and embracing that self-supporting mindset:

Self-acceptance Builds Confidence!

The more you accept yourself fully and unconditionally and accept that you are always a work in progress, the easier it is to take away that pressure thinking of needing to be achieving and succeeding.

Pause for a moment and say to yourself “I accept myself fully and unconditionally, I am exactly where I need to be”. Now release all that pressure thinking, breathe it out, and be present with who you are right now. As the great Carl Rogers said, “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself as I am, then I can change”.

Self-acceptance Creates Priceless Opportunities!

Carl Rogers makes the important point that when you accept yourself, only then can you change in an authentic and honest way. It’s said that a self-accepting state of mind will support you and help you feel more able to explore new opportunities and experiences, and be less worried about getting things right, or failing. And by being willing to engage in and experiencing these new opportunities this is how you build confidence, gain new knowledge about yourself and grow and expand in an empowering way.

Self-acceptance Builds Autonomy!

Through that process of regular self-acceptance, building confidence, and experiencing new opportunities, you get more connected to who you are, what you value, what you enjoy and what you are passionate about. You build a deeper level of self-awareness. And the more self-aware you are the more able you are to hold your own perspective and be your own person.  This informs and empowers your sense of self, your sense of who you are and what matters and is important to you. This awareness feeds and strengthens your personal foundations beyond words.

You Become Formidable!

An essential aspect of self-acceptance is learning to accept all aspects of yourself. No one is perfect, in looks, approaches, behaviours or interactions – we are all individuals and that is as it should be. And the more we accept ourselves, build our own confidence levels, are willing to experience new opportunities, learn about ourselves through those endeavours, find our voice, and own our own space, that is when we become formidable. That is the gift that self-acceptance gives us. That opportunity to transform and expand in a way that can transform the life we live daily.

Accept, Celebrate, and Embrace your Personal Transformation Journey! 

So, take a moment, and be honest with yourself – how could you up your “self-acceptance” game? What can you add to your process of self-acceptance that will support you in building confidence, that will help open you up to new opportunities, build that deeper sense of autonomy and support you to step into that formidable, unstoppable person you are meant to be?

So, where do you want your self-acceptance journey to begin? Think for a moment – what would you like to do to support yourself over the next few weeks around this? Think: where would you like to start?

If you are thinking, “I am not sure even where to start”, we can offer you advice and support with that. If you feel it would help to have a conversation about your next steps – email me directly at and I would be delighted to arrange a time to talk. Or why not listen to the “YourIntuitiveLifeCoach” podcast.

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