Getting From Thinking To Doing… Stop The Procrastination And Start Creating

Have you had an idea in your head or a sense of something you would like to achieve for yourself, but it stays in your head? Do you recognize that you are procrastinating? Making that shift from thinking about something to doing it in a fully committed and motivated way can take time and daily application. It takes monitoring and shifting your mindset along the way. “So where do I start?”, I hear you ask. What can you do to start to bring that thinking into reality.

Pick a starting point!

First, pick a starting point that is going to help you get from thinking about what you want to do to having action steps that support what you want to achieve. Take, for example, that you want to change jobs, and you keep thinking about that, but haven’t done anything about it. Where could you start in beginning to look for a new role for yourself? Is it updating your CV? Is it looking at what roles are currently available? Take a moment and consider where you would like to start.

Or maybe, for example, you have wanted to get more active, and that has been something that you keep putting off. Think – what is the first thing you could do to start to be more active? Is it making sure you do some form of movement for 15 mins once or twice a week to start?

So, whatever it is, if you recognize you have been doing a lot of thinking about something you want to be different but haven’t done anything to start that process of change, go on, pick your starting point, be realistic, pace yourself and get doing.

Build Consistency

The next aspect of getting from thinking to doing is to set the intention to build consistency. Keep doing action steps that support what you want to achieve. Things will at first feel a bit stop-start as you try to build new behaviors to support what you want to achieve. That is totally OK. You are adapting your routine, and it will feel a bit stop-start at first. And yet the important thing here is don’t let that put you off – this feeling is purely part of the process of you adapting and getting comfortable with doing things differently.

So, the key is don’t be dissuaded by this, remind yourself that change takes time and encouraging yourself to be consistent is part of that change that is going to support you.

From Critical to Curious

Following on from building consistency, what will also support you is learning not to be critical of the process but rather learning to be curious instead. Rather than judge the process and saying, “this isn’t working” or “this is too hard” or “this is pointless”, learn from the struggles you encounter along the way. What do the obstacles you encounter teach you or tell you?

Consider any obstacles or points of difficulty with a curious heart and a solution-focused and open perspective. Ask yourself questions like “how could I deal with this differently?”, “who could I get some advice from around this?”. Learn to let go of a critical perspective as that creates blocks; rather, try to be curious as that helps open doors to alternative possibilities.

Reflect and Re-assess

Part of that process of building a curious state of mind is to allow yourself to reflect and re-assess as you go, if needs be. Think of things as “trial and error”. If something doesn’t work, that’s OK. Allow yourself to reflect on what has worked and what hasn’t. Ask yourself what you need to let go of, and what can you continue to take with you as you work to achieve your goal.

Building a practice of reflection and re-assessment allows you the time to acknowledge what is working for you, as well as recognize what is not working, what you feel good about and what you are still working on.

Letting Go of Perfection

Have you heard the expression “it’s not perfect, but it’s done”? That is key to hold in mind. As you work to put in motion those things you want to achieve and work towards constantly, remind yourself that it’s not about being perfect, it’s about learning from your experiences as you go.

Making that conscious choice to take the pressure of “need for perfection” off your shoulders will create more space and energy for you to focus on what you are doing in the present moment. It will also give you the opportunity to learn from what you are doing in the present moment and make those necessary tweaks or changes that will help you build towards what you want in your future. Life is forever a work in progress.

So, remind yourself of that daily.

Every day you grow stronger

The more aware you become of how your over-thinking and analysis can stop you in your tracks, the more able you are to do something about it, and then the stronger you become. Not just in letting go of that over-thinking, but through the things you begin to actively do because of letting go of your over-thinking. By implementing this approach for yourself every day, with a practice like this you grow stronger, you begin to move forward, and you build momentum which motivates you. And you start to live the life you have been envisioning for yourself.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop thinking and get doing. Let go of the tendency to procrastinate and think about where you can start to begin creating and manifesting all those things that you have just thought about up to this point.

Choose your starting point, be consistent and keep working at things. Be curious about how you can improve as you go. Reflect, and re-assess as you go. Remember, no one is perfect, and with every day that you apply yourself to the tasks at hand, the stronger you grow and the closer you get to living that life you have envisioned for yourself.

Because you are the creator of your own destiny.

Pause and think for a moment and then decide where you would like to start.

If you are thinking, “I am not sure even where to start”, we can offer you advice and support with that. If you feel it would help to have a conversation about your next steps – email me directly at and I would be delighted to arrange a time to talk. Or why not listen to the “YourIntuitiveLifeCoach” podcast.

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