Leaving the Social Media Shine behind

Scroll, scroll, scroll. On and on it goes….

We seek, feed on, explore and absorb from the external what in reality we can only find within in our deeper soul-self. So we can get pulled into comparing ourselves to the external world. But, believe it or not, this is a spinning wheel that you don’t always need to jump on.

When you look at those images on Social Media and feel yourself begin to self-judge and find yourself wanting. Stop, take a breath, and ask yourself this self-grounding question:

What is genuinely essential for me in my life? Take your focus off those external things and bring yourself back to taking care of yourself by developing your internal frame of reference for life.

Remind yourself to let go of the impression that everyone else’s life is better than yours. Remind yourself that things go deeper than an image that snaps a millisecond of someone else’s life. Remind yourself that there will be many other things behind that image that isn’t posted and won’t be as perfect.

Ask yourself if maybe it’s better not to be scrolling social media, but instead, put that time towards doing something for yourself. Is it a quick walk? Is it reaching out and connecting with friends? Or is it doing something that you may have been putting on the long finger?

Social Media images can offer the appearance of an ideal life. But, in reality, life is far from perfect. Life is a day to day process that each of us will experience in our way, with our perspectives and emotional response. Understanding that and staying grounded in that allows you to create your own shining life as you work through your life.

Whatever your life vision or wishes are, listen to that, explore how you can create that for yourself, and take those first steps to make that a reality for yourself. Because that is the crux of it, the more time you spend admiring and craving that social media shine, the less time you have to define and nurture the life you authentically want for yourself in reality.

Think about the important things for you, what matters most to you in your life journey, and what can you do daily to align your daily actions to those things that matter most to you.

Be present and mindful of your perspectives and how they encourage and support what you want to create for yourself. If needed, find ways to begin to rephrase your internal narrative if it is negative or disempowering.

Think about what things in your life currently don’t support you. Then, think about what you can do to address these aspects of things. I came across the following quote many years ago, but it truly inspired me to be more present in my daily actions and be connected to how they serve me and the life I am working to create for myself. The quote is this “You are the creator of your destiny”.

So think about how you can start a daily ritual or routine that keeps you grounded in what you genuinely want for your life. Things that help with this are regular self-reflective journalling, self-discovery mediations, holding yourself accountable regularly to action steps that keep you in sync with your life journey and vision. Also finding what fits for you so you can actively take care of yourself mind, body and soul on an ongoing basis.

So think for a moment of how you can let go of the pull of the social media shine, and consider how you can begin to be more grounded in nurturing your life brilliance? Where do you want to start? What’s the first thing you could do to start this process for yourself and your life? If you would like a little bit of support with that sign up to get my free “LifeLessons” workbook. This workbook will help you get clear on your starting point on how to begin to shine in your life from now on.

If you are thinking, “I am not sure even where to start”, we can offer you advice and support with that. If you feel it would help to have a conversation about your next steps – email me directly at marie@lifetential.com and I would be delighted to arrange a time to talk. Or why not listen to the “YourIntuitiveLifeCoach” podcast.

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