“Not enough” thinking: an obstacle to your Personal Growth and Expansion.

“Not enough” thinking, some people say can be a big motivator to helping you strive to achieve what you wish in your life. And on one level, yes, sure that is possible. However, what I’ve learned is that dwelling on “not enough thinking” daily can end up feeling like this massive obstacle you have to overcome every day. And the trouble with “Not Enough” thinking is that it will never slow down or stop unless you learn to face it head-on and start to create another frame of mind to motivate and inspire you. Shifting your mindset from focusing on the “not enough” to maybe a more curious “what would feel right for me?” is a good starting point.

Limitations of “Not Enough” Thinking:

“Not enough” thinking, shuts your mind down and closes off possibilities and opportunities for you. Cos the not enough thinking turns into its own “catch 22” and you can go around in circles with it. You get to one place and achieve one thing, and straight away you are looking for the next thing to chase after. It grows into this unquenchable force, so that eventually you are just left feeling potentially exhausted and ironically not good enough. So, take a moment and consider this. One way of taking control of this “not enough” thinking, is to consider it as a personal growth opportunity for yourself. Those external achievements and material acquisitions are not the things that will feed your heart and soul. Can you accept that you are on your own life journey, and it’s okay to take it at your pace and on your terms? So again, ask yourself that crucial question: “What feels right for me?”

Choosing more empowering thinking:

What if you could get rid of this “not enough” thinking, and instead find another way of looking at how you would like to motivate yourself to achieve those goals you genuinely wish to achieve. Can you take a step back, ask yourself a few crucial questions and be completely honest with yourself regarding your motivation for wanting to achieve your goals? Are you chasing things to achieve to keep up with the Jones’s? Are you chasing goals and striving for things, because someone else is saying that’s what you should do? Are you putting pressure on yourself to achieve things with the belief that these achievements will give you that external validation that you are an amazing person? What if you could allow yourself to acknowledge that you are right where you are supposed to be at this moment?

Self-Reflection and a deeper connection to your heart’s desires:

Pause and take some time for self-reflection. Take a moment and carefully examine your motivations for striving for all those things you feel you need to be doing or achieving. Let go of all those “need tos” and “shoulds”. Take a deep breath, and hand on your heart ask yourself the following, am I genuinely excited about these things? Do I feel a strong connection to them? Do these things I am striving for light me up? What will fill me up emotionally, what feeds my soul? More times than not it is no material things that feed your soul, but experience and living a life that is in sync with your authentic personal value system and life passions, along with having positive relations with yourself and the people around you.

Finding your own pace and life balance

So, pause for a moment, and consider what you could learn about yourself in this process of letting go of the “not enough” thinking. Ask yourself this question: for you personally what feels like enough, what would that look and feel like for you. What would a good life balance be for you? and what would feel like a good pace for you in striving to nurture that life you want for yourself. Because this is important to remember: walk your life journey on your terms and in your way. Strive for those things that feed your heart and soul. Be unapologetic about it and embrace your choices and those authentic motivations daily. Let go of all the “yeah buts” step in and always follow your heart. A bit of a cliché I know, but so true.

Your personal growth opportunity

Being able to recognise that “not enough” thinking, and then choosing to explore how to address it is a valuable personal growth opportunity for you. Making that conscious choice to look at how you can address that thinking, is a significant first step to exploring how you can take more ownership of what mindset you choose to live your life by. And I get that it can be hard to get your head around that concept. But yes, you can begin to shape the thinking you choose to live your life by. Being more mindful of those conversations you have with yourself and checking and filtering them when needed is pivotal. It’s key to you being able to shift your thinking and the energy that goes with that. That then enables you to proactively step into a new way of being that opens opportunities and creates new possibilities for you and the life you are striving to create for yourself.

So, pause and take a moment. Do you notice you have “not enough” thinking going around in your head? Can you take a moment to consider how you would like to rephrase that thinking, to more self-supporting, compassionate, and understanding thinking? What aspects of your daily life are you grateful for, identify these and acknowledge these daily? So, to wind up for this blog, take the time to be present in the here and now, notice what thinking runs around in your head, if its “not enough” thinking, take a moment to pause, and let that thinking go, and bring in more self-supporting and self-affirming internal thinking. Try and do this at least once or twice in your day. See what you notice and let me know how you get on.

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Love and Light

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