How to overcome overwhelm through grounding and soul connection

Getting grounded amongst the daily chaos of life. Is this something you struggle with? Do you get to that place of feeling overstimulated by daily life? The noise, the rush, the must and need to-dos? If you are someone who is an empath and/ or sensitive, things can potentially get to a point of overload/overwhelm. Getting to know yourself more deeply and working to build rituals and routines that support your wellbeing including your emotional, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing will help keep you out of that place of overwhelm.

So, I wanted to check in with you and ask you this. Do you get to a point of overwhelm or life overload sometimes? How do you address this? What do you do to help ground yourself so you’re able to step back from all life can throw at you?

I’ve discovered that the starting point to addressing that sense of overwhelm or overload is to first be able to recognize those signs of being in that state. For everyone, this will be something different. So, pause and think for a moment, what are the signs that tell you, you’re getting to your tipping point. It could be having a tension headache, migraine, body aches, feeling tired, needing space and time to yourself or a combination of all the above. Potentially also having too many different thoughts running around your head all at once and feeling like you don’t know where to start in how to manage how you are feeling even? Once you can recognize your signs there is plenty you can do to support yourself?

Through the process of exploring different strategies and habits, work to find those things that work for you personally, that sits well with who you are and what you feel most drawn to. My rituals and routines help me to unwind, slow down, get grounded and feel more present in the here and now. Think about how you would prefer to be feeling, and what tools, rituals and routines will support you with that. So as a starting point for your own exploration process here is a few strategies and techniques to explore and consider.

The main principle is to find those strategies, activities and routines that help you slow down, decompress, get more grounded in yourself and be more connected to your own emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs. Pause and think about how you can create a grounding and deeper soul connection practice that will help to address your emotional state, calm your body, clear your head, and tend to your soul.

Here are rituals and routines that are worth considering:


There are different forms and styles of meditation available. All of which have real value in supporting you to get more grounded in the present, slowing things down, and so helping your mind and body to recharge and reset. My advice is to find a meditation that grounds you and nurtures your spiritual soul connection. Most useful forms of meditation to support you with this include transcendental meditation, visualization meditations or shamanic journey meditations.

Try these styles of meditations a number of times. If it helps do some background reading on each of these styles of meditation and see which one you are most drawn to initially. It takes time to get settled into the practice of meditation, so remember that, and give yourself permission to take time to get accustomed to putting time aside for meditation in your daily life. Also, it’s important to recognize that part of the struggle around getting into a routine of meditation is dealing with all the mental resistance that may come up for you while developing a routine of meditation.

The benefits of meditation once you overcome that initial resistance are limitless and uplifting. The practice and benefits of meditation over time start to ripple out to all aspects of your life. Enabling you to live more in the present in a calmer more grounded state and less in your head. These mediation practices help to feed our soul part because as we make time for stillness and work to quiet our mind’s internal chatter, we open space to hear more clearly our soul’s whisperings.


In addition to meditation, I have over recent years started to journal my thoughts after my meditation practice. If I’ve got a particular aspect of my day that I am working to make sense of or let go of, I will proactively journal around that topic. Meditation and journaling together have formed a big part of that ritual and routine that enables me to clear my thoughts, and get more focused on the heart of the issue I am working through. It also helps me to get clear on learning points for myself to consider, as well as a space to release any residual emotions and thoughts around the issues I am working through.

So, if journaling is not something you have engaged with in the past here are some starting points to consider if it’s something you would be open to trying. First, identify an aspect of your day or week that you would like to reflect on, and write it down. Then ask yourself some exploratory curious questions, what is the struggle around the issues, what did you learn about yourself in that exchange, how are you feeling about this issue, how would you like to handle that issue or problem differently going forward, do you need to get other perspectives to help you move forward around this issue? Journaling is your space for limitless self-exploration. There is no right or wrong way to engage with it, journaling can include drawings, post-its of thoughts, and cut-outs of images that speak to you. Also, it’s important to remember your journal is your reflective non-judgmental space for self-expression.

Oracle Cards

In acknowledgement of my growing spiritual side, I have also looked to explore what practices can support me in nurturing a deeper personal soul connection. For years, this was something I put to the side, as a luxury that I didn’t have time for. However, I’ve begun to understand that this is an important aspect of who I am and that acknowledging and tending to my soul connection on a regular basis supports me in handling life’s overwhelm much more proactively and easily.

If you are a person who has had a curiosity around or likes to use oracles cards this could also be something, you could add to your rituals and routines to support you. It’s not a complicated process at all. For my practice, I pull one card once I have completed the process of meditation and journaling. I choose one question and then choose a card. That question can be based on what I have just journaled and meditated on, or it can be a question based on what I need to know to support me in the week ahead. Just make sure it’s not a yes or no question, keep it open and simple. The question I started with when I first began using oracle cards was “what do I need to know to support me with my week ahead.” And like I’ve said keep it simple.

There is a wide range of oracle cards available. The oracle cards that I use currently include oracle cards by Colette Baron Reid, Denis Linn, Alana Fairchild, and Kyle Gray. Those are the ones that spoke to me the most. So, it is very much about finding the cards that resonate with you personally. Take time to explore what is available and see which cards call to you most. If you feel you would like to add them to your own grounding and soul connection rituals and routines, then why not try it out.

Setting Your Intention

Once you have read your oracle card, read it through, gather your thoughts, reflected on your journaling, and then take a moment. Think about what message you are taking from the process, and then can you pause and set an intention around that for yourself for the next 7 days. Let your intention be self-supporting, realistic, and flexible. Choose what intention you would like to set for yourself, that you can act on and use as a support for yourself going forward. This is another aspect of the rituals and routines that can help to keep you grounded in your life and focused on what is relevant and important for your mind, body, and soul wellbeing.

Nature for the Soul

Another aspect of what helps to keep me grounded is creating time to be out amongst nature, as much as possible. So could you consider making time to be in nature, grounding yourself in nature can be a deeply calming process, be it by the sea, in the woods or just sitting out in the back garden? Try grounding yourself in nature through the effortless process of standing barefoot on the grass or on the sand. Also, try to be more present in the natural cycles of nature, and the seasons, and try to live your life in tune with these cycles. This is another process that is grounding and calming for us as human beings as we are strongly connected with nature and mother earth.

Stay Present and Mindful

And lastly, one of my key learnings, as I navigate my own path in life, is to be aware of staying in the present and being mindful. Work to let go of those external influences that you have no ownership or control of. Think about how you can be more mindful of staying in the present and holding a more spiritual and soulful perspective. Can you develop trust in the universal laws and energies, and regularly give yourself spiritual, psychological, and emotional space? Where would you like to start in developing your own grounding and deeper soul connection rituals and routines?

Believe that these rituals and routines (meditation, journaling, oracle cards, setting personal soul intentions, staying connected to nature while also keeping yourself mindful and in the here and now) can become your bedrock and a solid foundation as you navigate daily life. Can you visualize what a difference that might make in your life?

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