The 5 states of being that nurture your true potential

From childhood to early adulthood to full adulthood we go through a range of developmental stages. We learn to walk, talk, run and explore. We grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. And on paper, it can all seem so straightforward and simple. And yet it is more complicated than that. Learning to live our lives and be fully content with them, appears to be one of the challenges of our modern times.  There are so many external stimuli, so many external influencing factors that can interfere with what should be an organic fluid path for each of us to achieve our true potential. There is the expression that we can spend our adulthood working to overcome our childhood, so we can discover who we are truly meant to be. So, if you are in that place of considering or asking yourself the question: am I truly living to my authentic potential? Is there something else I could be doing with my life? Is there more I could be exploring to live in my authentic potential? Or wondering how to navigate life in the here and now to help you live your life to its authentic potential?

Here are a few different states to be mindful of, that may well help you settle into that “state of being” that will enable you to navigate towards and fully connect with your authentic potential.

Be present:

The best place to start is to work to be present in the here and now. Are you someone who tends to overthink things, to ruminate over events or situations that have happened in the past? Think about what you can let go of and what you can put behind you. Sometimes we can hold on to old experiences, emotions, or memories for all the wrong reasons. If you are holding on to something, that is a drain on your energy and thinking, take some time and start to actively give yourself permission to let go of those old stories, experiences, or feelings. Give yourself the freedom to be fully in the present without the weight of experience hanging over you. Use journaling, meditation, and a self-reflective practice to support you to release all these things. Get those thoughts out of your head and down on paper and start to let them go bit by bit.

Think about how you can begin to create a clean slate for yourself. And work to be mostly in the present, observing, experiencing, and feeling what is going on in your life in the here and now. Most times we have a pretty good sense of what we might want to be different or better. So, think for a moment, and ask yourself this question: what one aspect of your life would you like to be different or better? Are there areas of your life that you feel are not fully up to scratch? By being present in the here and now, and mindful of what is going on for you and around you, you start to build a deeper awareness of what is working and what needs addressing. And with this increased awareness comes an opportunity to adapt or change those aspects of your life that you would like to be different.

If you notice you struggle to stay present start to build a practice of daily meditation. Start with trying to do just 10 minutes of meditation a day. This practice will really support you to let go of your thinking and clear some mental space and enable you to be more mindful in the present. As a starter meditation, I would recommend “the body scan” meditation by Jon Kabat Zinn. This is a good introduction to meditation if you are just starting out.

Be brave:

Now, this is the crucial point in the process of living life to your true authentic potential. Nobody said it was going to be a walk in the park. Choosing to live your life to your true potential, means you will have to make difficult choices and decisions, and you will have to accept that no one else is going to do this for you. Your life, your choices, and your actions. That’s the difficult part but also the beautiful part about living. Because within this process of being brave and making those hard decisions that support you in reaching your true potential, you live your own experience of personal growth and expansion, and this is at the heart of what it is to be human. Maslow describes this as “self-actualisation” and Carl Rogers would say that is how you become a “fully functioning” person.

The process of being brave and proactive about making self-affirming choices for yourself, and learning from the experiences of those choices is part of what enables you to live to your true authentic potential. So, the whole process of being all in, being willing to engage bravely in living your life fully, and learning and growing from your experiences is what will support you to live to your true potential.

Be willing:

Being brave is important, but alongside bravery is the willingness to step into that process of living and exploring what life has to offer you. It’s about being willing to consider how you can grow, what opportunities can teach you, and being curious about what you need to know. It’s about being willing to take those chances that will help move you along in your life. It comes back to the point I made earlier, no one can do this for you. So, it’s about accepting that your potential is in your hands, and then asking yourself are you willing to nurture that potential daily. Are you willing to explore and consider all those experiences and challenges that will help you nurture your potential? If you are hesitant or reluctant, be brave and look at that more closely. Ask yourself is there a problem or issue you need to address or solve so that you can fully embrace nurturing your potential daily. Then be willing to put into action those behaviours and choices that will help you address the problem or issue concerned.

Be open:

Being brave and willing go hand in hand with nurturing your potential. What you then add to this is that choice of allowing yourself to be open to learning from new experiences. Being open to seeing parts of yourself that you recognize need improvement, being open to considering what you need to address to make those improvements. Allowing yourself to be open to the fact that you are not perfect, and is 100% ok. Having the capacity to be open to your imperfections and accept them, as well as being willing to work to address them, is powerful personal openness. That is the nugget of gold that will fuel your personal growth fire. Being open to look honestly at yourself, and put your hand up and say, “you know what – yeah I do need to work on those aspects of myself” and knowing that this is more than ok. This is a massive positive and will ignite that personal growth fire, and fuel your potential along the way.

Be curious:

Probably the most empowering perspective to have in your journey to living to your potential is holding a curiosity mindset. Let go of the need to be critical or cynical about things, especially if you could potentially learn something that will help you expand and grow on a personal level. It is about being willing to be curious about those life experiences that are challenging that are in essence “growth opportunities”. Do you flinch away from them, or do you step in with a curiosity mindset and be willing to ask yourself the questions like, what was difficult about that experience for me? What could I have done differently? What did I learn about myself through that process? What could I do differently next time, that would create a better outcome for me?

So take a moment and consider if you need to rephrase your mindset, be curious, not critical, can you be open to new experiences and what they can offer you, also think if you need to practice daily to let go of fear thinking, not enough thinking, staying comfortable thinking and playing safe thinking. Allow yourself to stretch into the person you are destined to be. The essence of living is in the life encounters you go through in your life journey daily. So think for a moment, can you be all in, can you step in, and be curious and proactive in nurturing your potential each day? Where would you like to start?  

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Love and Light

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