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So, it’s July, we are mid-way through the year 2022. How are you doing? Have you made the progress you had hoped for, have you created the changes you wanted in your life in 2022? At this halfway point of 2022, why not do a check-in and see where you are at, and what you would like to put more attention to for the next 6 months. That regular self-check-in is a self-affirming act that helps you stay connected with your own wants, needs, wishes, and dreams.

Find yourself some rituals and routines that help you clarify and connect with what you want to be different in your life. Live and breathe your life intentions daily. Take the time to reflect and consider, where you are now and where you would like to see yourself come December. Maybe it’s not about making significant big changes but paying attention to the details of your daily routine and mixing that up a bit, shaking it up and giving it a refresh, giving yourself a personal refresh. Where would you start? What’s resonating for you personally that you would like to address, change, or step into?

Update your Playlist

How about keeping it simple and starting small. How about giving your favourite music playlist an update? (if you have one – if now why not create one) Look at your current list, what are your must-have songs and what are songs you can let go of? Give your playlist a refresh and an update. Rename your list to July 2022. Now start to add some new songs to your playlist. Think about how you would like to be feeling and what songs help you tap into those feelings, and add them to your list. And here is another thing, once you have updated your playlist, look at the songs you’ve chosen, what those songs mean to you, and how are they going to be a good support for you. And when are you going to use your playlist and why? Can you allow yourself to get lost in the music on your playlist, get lost in the words and the music? Give it a try, it can be a powerful way of letting go of stress from your day or week as well as a good refresher for you. So, another detail, for me personally my top number of songs on a playlist is between 20-25 songs. That number is just long enough for a good walk or listening to it while prepping food in the kitchen. What’s your playlist limit? And where would you like to listen to it?

Update your Reading list

I am a big believer in always deepening my knowledge base on all things personal growth and expansion. So here is a question for you, is there any aspect of yourself that you would like to be different or better? Maybe you are aware you have some traits or habits that are getting in the way of you being your best self. Your first best starting point is to check to see if there is a book written on what you are looking to address. It could be around building self-confidence, not feeling enough, and wanting to find inner calm. Think about what it is for you personally that you would like to be better. Explore a few different books, see what you are most drawn to and maybe get it in Kindle form or even as an Audiobook. There are so many ways that you can access information and knowledge now, and find what fits you. Create some time for your own personal growth and nurture your journey with the knowledge that will support that.

Update your Activity

In the process of your refresh process ask yourself the question: are there any activities that I would like to be doing, but keep talking myself out of? Are there activities that I’ve yearned to do but feel I don’t have enough time to do? What activities support me in feeling more grounded, help me release stress, or help me feel good about myself? What would feel like a nice change for me in terms of activity? Sometimes mixing things up and doing something different is as good as giving yourself a rest. And remember variety is the spice of life. So, pause for a moment and ask yourself what you could do differently and how would that be good for you. Then can you put some time in your calendar for that?

Update your “Me-Time”

And as I mentioned earlier making time for yourself is an important practice of self-affirmation that will truly support your life journey. If you spend more time making space for yourself, you get to know yourself better, you start to develop deeper self-nurturing techniques, and you build deeper self-awareness and powerful self-connection. All of which begin to support you more deeply when making those key life decisions for yourself. You can nurture your “me-time” by tapping into and testing out a few different ways of creating time and space for yourself. And that is time and space to self-reflect, and then be self-led in the choices you make to support yourself in that space.  

Powerful “me-time” practices include meditation, journaling, walks in nature, time for self-reflection, time for emotional check-ins, time for assessing where you are with your life goals, etc. All these things may sound like an effort, but in theory, once you develop your own habits of “Me-Time” they become just normal parts of your days and weeks. And eventually, become effortless self-affirming rituals and routines. The more you give yourself full permission to give yourself that time and space, the easier it is to step into your “me-time” and get real deep meaning from it.

So, if you would like to pause and do a mid-year refresh, keep it simple and start with these very straightforward aspects of your life. Sometimes the biggest shifts in life start with the simplest of changes. So, check out and update your playlist, pick a self-help book or two that speaks to you and what you are looking to address in your life. Have a think about how you can support and care for your own body in this process. Do you need to slow down, do you need to get out a little more, listen to what your body needs and honour that? And finally, think about your “me-time” and what you would like that to look like for you personally. Everyone will have their own perspective of what “me-time” should be. Do create your ideal “me-time” rituals and routines, and look at how you can keep them in your weekly routine.   

Could you see this process and doing these things as a gift to yourself? Give yourself this time and attention as part of your process of doing the mid-year refresh and self-check-in. Could you see this process as a way of reconnecting with yourself? As a process of making much-deserved time for yourself? Let’s create those rituals and routines that will support you over these next 6 months of 2022 and help you stay more deeply connected to what is the best support for you going forward.

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Love and Light

ML x

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