Letting go and Embracing Stillness

Have you struggled to get to a place where you are at ease with doing those things that you get real enjoyment out of or just simply taking time to literally do nothing? Our minds and their thoughts can really put pressure on us sometimes. Making it more difficult for us to make those choices that are truly self-supporting and self-nurturing.

Our inner critic can leave us in a space of thinking that we must keep working, be doing something productive, or helping or doing something for others. So when a thought pops into our head of “I wouldn’t mind just chilling for a bit”, or maybe it’s “taking time to read a book”, or the idea of doing something that really feeds your soul that nagging inner chatter can talk you out of it.  

From my own experience and those of my clients, making space and time for periods of stillness or creativity offers a beautiful opportunity to get recentered, let go of overthinking, and start to explore a different state of being, that is way more peaceful and calming. Which is much more supportive in building a deeper sense of inner calm over the longer term.

So, if you are one of those people who struggles to firstly allow yourself to have moments of stillness or make time to do those things that you get real value out of. Here are just a few responses you can offer back to the inner chatter that could be telling you it’s not ok to rest, slow down and make time for yourself.


Firstly, your mind needs downtime too. If you have had a full-on week, being focused on a range of different things, your mind needs some rest and time to slow down and pause. Taking time for stillness allows your mind to slow down, and process all the thoughts that were pushed to the back while in full-on mode. Which in effect helps clear your mind and reset your mind for the next spurt of focus and attention when it comes around. If you think about it, is it realistic to expect your mind and body to keep going day after day without time to pause, decompress and settle back to its default state of equilibrium?


Secondly, your body literally needs downtime, you are in effect giving your body some downtime from being in action mode, from being in doing mode. But taking time to slow down, be still or simply do something you love, your body holds a very different flow of energy when making a choice to do those things for yourself. It slows down, it starts to repair itself, and health endorphins start to get generated almost effortlessly.


Thirdly your soul needs downtime. How you get more connected to your soul and your inner self, is by making time to just be, to listen to those internal urges and yearnings, and making time for those on a regular basis. It could be something as simple as recognising that you are feeling tired and that you would just love a pyjama day. So, it’s about making time and space to listen to those inner thoughts. And then give yourself that pyjama day and be unapologetic about it. You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone. Trust that inner self-awareness that says have a pyjama day and embrace it, don’t second guess it. That is what life is all about. Working to live your life on your terms and fully embracing that.

New Rationale

So, offer this new rationale when that inner chatter starts and tells you all the reasons why you can’t make time for yourself. I encourage you to pause for a moment, and remind that inner chatter, that you are not superhuman, our mind, body and soul need time and space to rest and recharge. Especially if we are to be able to be fully present in the work that is important to us, in the relationships that are important to us, and most importantly for ourselves so we keep healthy in mind, body and soul as we navigate our life, our wishes and our dreams.  

The Beauty of Stillness

So, when you think about how you can make time for yourself, ask yourself what would it feel like to allow yourself to test out being still, does that feel challenging even the mere thought of that? Then honestly, maybe that is a good sign that you could potentially really benefit from it. Stillness gives our minds the opportunity to catch up with ourselves, as such. Stillness also gives our mind the space to start to hear those deeper inner thoughts and wishes that maybe we don’t make time for in our normal daily routines.

Imagine Your Stillness Space

So, if you could imagine for a moment a setting or a space where you could have some stillness time for yourself, where would you choose, and why. What would help you to be more present in that space, and be still? What feels like a realistic amount of time to give yourself for stillness? Start with short pockets of time. Maybe try 10 mins to start. And build from there. Would a 10 min meditation help to get the ball rolling, and then work from there to just practice being in stillness and letting your mind wander for 10 minutes once you start to settle physically and mentally into giving yourself periods of time for stillness.

It may seem like a small thing, but making time for yourself, creating stillness and/or tapping into creative hobbies. But remember this, stillness and creativity, access other aspects of our inner selves. These practices are a gateway to our inner and more authentic expressions of who we are. So please, next time you find yourself thinking about giving yourself some downtime or making some time for hobbies that you love or are curious about. Don’t talk yourself out of them. Let go of that inner chatter that says there are other more important things to be doing. Because these practices are just as important and truly nurture you as the individual that you are. And you 100% deserve this time and space. So let go of all that “need to” or “oh I shouldn’t” thinking and let yourself fully embrace giving yourself those opportunities for stillness and creative endeavours as regularly as possible.

Think of it as your gift to yourself for how far you have come and all you do every day.

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See you with my next blog if not before.

Love and Light

ML x

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