Building personal empowerment

Have you ever got to a point of thinking, why am I doing what I am doing, I have lost my sense of purpose, what is life all about? Maybe you are asking yourself where is the meaning in my life? There are things going on around you in the external world, and you are noticing that you are “feeling a bit lost” maybe even “overwhelmed.” Finding ways to get more grounded and connect to the internal you will strongly improve your levels of personal empowerment and sense of direction. It can also help you get back to a place of having more focus, of feeling clearer, motivated, and energized to move forward with life. So where do you start so you can begin to build a stronger sense of personal empowerment as well as feel more grounded and connected to your internal self.

Making the choice and time

Well firstly, it is about making a conscious choice to make time and space to specifically focus on yourself. Making time and space to take time out, to self-reflect, set personal intentions and commit to proactivity. It is about blocking slots in your diary daily and weekly so that you have the time and space to be still, calm yourself, self-reflect, consider and set clear intentions that are grounded in acknowledging your needs and wishes.

Being mindful of a negative mindset

It is also about being mindful of holding a negative or problem-focused mentality that could potentially leave you feeling stuck or powerless. That mindset can also create many reasons why you cannot be available for yourself. And it can also leave you feeling powerless to change things. Work to explore what stories you tell yourself around doing things that nurture you, that you love or light you up. Do not put yourself on the long finger. Start to make choices that support and nurture you daily. Building personal empowerment begins with being available for yourself, and actively making yourself your priority. So let go of any thinking that tells you it’s not ok to put yourself first. Then each day over the next week, write down and commit to doing one thing that supports you.

Self-Acknowledgment, Acceptance and Love

The next crucial aspect of this process of building personal empowerment is being able to acknowledge, accept and love all aspects of yourself daily. So, listen, nobody is perfect, everyone on this earth has their flaws. Learning to accept all aspects of who you are today is a practice that will really support you. Life is a work in progress, we as human beings learn and grow as we go. So, give yourself credit daily, celebrate your victories, acknowledge your learning points, and be grateful for all aspects of what each day offers you.

Daily “Self” practice

Yes, it is a daily practice. Yes, it will take time and effort. But it is so worth it. It is like learning a new skill, at first it feels hard and challenging, but the more you practice and make time for yourself the more effortless and natural it becomes. All these “Self” supporting rituals and routines, will help keep you grounded, feel more at ease in yourself and help you to begin to explore and uncover your true/authentic life wishes and dreams. Reflect for a moment and ask yourself this: how often do I use self-affirmations to support myself? How often do I make conscious choices that focus on my self-care? What rituals and routines am I genuinely drawn to doing and feel energized by? How often do I give myself time to reflect on where I am, what is working for me and what I need to change? Daily “self” practice helps keep you connected to your inner knowing, aligned to your values, and grounded in your needs and heart’s wishes. Allowing yourself to proactively care for yourself unapologetically and unreservedly is another aspect of what will help build your sense of personal empowerment.

Heart Led

Have you heard the expression of “head over heart”? You can tell yourself cognitively all the logical reasons why you should do a particular thing or make a particular commitment. But then the reality of being in the doing of that thing is harder and even draining energetically. And this can be because your “heart” just is not in it. So, although you have all the clear logical reasons why something should be doable, the actual daily engagement and experience of it is something completely different and feels hard and draining. That is when you need to pause and do a regular check-in with yourself, it is about listening to your heart as well as your head. Ask yourself not only what you think about doing or not doing something, but also how you feel on a heart level. Does the idea of doing this thing fill you up, does it get you excited, curious, and energized? If not take a little more time before jumping into something. Listening to your heart, and following your heart, being authentic to your heart’s wishes is a powerful process that will really nurture stronger personal empowerment. So, think for a moment and consider doing what you love rather than what you think you should be doing.

Authentic Living and self-awareness

Be honest with yourself as much as possible. Everyone has blind spots. So as much as possible be honest with yourself. Nurture self-honesty (authenticity) by taking time to explore your motivations and feelings around the choices you are making. Are the choices you are making directly supporting and nurturing you? Or is it possible you are doing things and committing to things to keep other people happy first? Living authentically is also at the heart of what helps you to feel personally empowered. So, try to assess the motivations you have for the things you do. Maybe ask yourself does doing that thing drain you or energize you? If they are having a negative impact on you consider how you might begin to let those things go. Nurturing a deeper self-awareness around your motivation to do certain things and recognizing what drains or energizes you will help you to make better and more authentic choices for yourself going forward.

Choosing in alignment with your Values

Making grounded and clear choices for yourself daily while staying fully aligned to your own internal values code will help reduce feelings of overwhelm and that sense of “feeling lost.” Your internal values are a good compass to help you navigate your life. So, take time to write down all those things that you value about your life. Think back to what you felt most enthusiastic about in your life and explore why. If you would like to know how to start the process of getting clear on your values here is a link to another blog post where I talk through a simple exercise that will help you get clearer on what your values are.  

What you do matters

If you ever hear yourself dismissing thoughts around ideas for yourself, stop and check that thinking. Know that you are an essential part of a way bigger world picture. What you do for yourself does matter and has ripple effects. If you think about it this way when you feel good, grounded, and energized not only do you carry that uplifting energy, but you also put that energy out into the world, creating those much-needed good energy vibrations.

Life itself is an ongoing learning and expansion process. It is your right to live a fully heartfelt and authentic life. I do feel strongly that we are all on this human journey to learn how to live a fully heartfelt, joyful authentic life. So where do you want to start? What is your heart calling you to do? What block of time are you going to mark off in your calendar to build your state of personal empowerment.

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Love and Light

ML x

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