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I have been getting a lot of messages from the universe over the last week. Specifically saying to follow my bliss. To be led by my heart and to do what I love. I am in the process of a transition in the way I work right now and have been doing my best not to steamroll ahead and do what my head tells me I should be doing. But instead, give me some time and space to think about how I would truly love to work, what does my heart draw me to? Interestingly I wrote about this in last week’s blog post “Building Personal Empowerment”

So, I have consciously freed up a lot of time over the last few months with the specific intention of not doing anything. Just waiting and allowing myself to be still and see what ideas float into my mind. I have to say it has been a challenge to let go of all the logical mind thinking, thoughts telling me of all the things I could be doing, and instead take time to really learn to sit in my energy state and listen to what my heart and soul is telling me to do. On top of this process, it’s also been a challenge to allow me to let the ideas come without instantly giving myself lots of reasons why a particular idea and preference wouldn’t work. Letting go of that critical thinking and creating a more curious outlook has taken time and mindfulness. And yet here is what I have learned as I have set the intention to be more present and mindful around the choices, I am making for myself and set the intention to open myself up more to the idea of following my bliss and doing more of what I love from a work perspective.  Here are a few things I am more open to and aware off because of this process. And if this is something you are curious about implementing yourself have a read of the points to hold in mind below.

Make some space and time for inspiration

Ok so try not to over plan things. Allow yourself some space and time to see what ideas and thoughts come to you when you think about what you would really love to do. Maybe take some time to do some journaling around this. Ask yourself is there something that you really enjoy doing that you haven’t been doing much of, maybe you have been putting it on the long finger up til now. Ask yourself what you love to do, or what do you have a passion for. Ask yourself the question: what activities do I love doing? what things do I feel passionate about and would like to do more of?  Take some time to let your mind wander on this and see what comes to you.

Keep a clear and grounded perspective

As you allow yourself to consider how you might want to transition into doing more of what brings you bliss in your career or even in your personal time, think about this. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Try not to talk yourself out of doing something before you have even tried it. Think about how you could gently explore and test out those ideas that are brewing for you. Think about how you can do more of those things that allow you to follow your bliss.  How can engage with things you feel passionate about? It’s not a case of all or nothing but think about how you could start to make time gradually to do more of the things you love.

Start small

Everything that gets in the way of you doing what you love or brings you bliss has a solution. It just takes a little time and space to work through and that’s ok. So, if that thing that is your bliss feels 100 miles away, start small, choose small tasks that start the ball rolling for you. Don’t let obstacles you encounter de-rail you if you know deep down what you want to do.

Keep an open mind

Try and be flexible with your thinking around how you will begin to follow your bliss activities. Keep an open mind and be willing to adapt your plans if an obstacle gets in the way. Challenges are there to overcome. To start to follow your bliss activities does require a little bit of stepping out of your comfort zone and stretching yourself so don’t let that dissuade you. Its all part of the journey.

You are 100% allowed to follow your heart

It is totally ok to choose to do those things you love. You might feel hesitant, you might even be thinking is it ok to have fun and really enjoy this experience, it is a part of living to live fully in the joy of the moments while doing those things that you love. That is a big part of what being human is about, allowing ourselves to live our lives to their full potential. Making the most of the time we have and not looking back and wishing we had done something years from now. There is no such thing as waiting till the time is right. Sometimes you just choose to step in and do it, don’t overthink it, just step in and follow your heart.

Slow and Steady

And one final thing to consider. There is no rush with this. Take your time, let things simmer for a while, when you get a thought or an idea about what would help you follow your bliss let it percolate for a while and see how the idea develops over time. As the old saying goes “slow and steady wins the race”

Where to from here?

So maybe take some time over the next few weeks and allow yourself some reflection time, and ask yourself the questions what do I love to do, and how can I make more time to do that thing? Keep an open mind about how you can make space and time to follow your bliss, remember it doesn’t have to be all or nothing, find a balance that works for you, feeling joy is a pre-requisite of being human, and finally, there is no time like the present, you’ve got this. If you need help getting grounded and finding stillness Access my Grounded and Connected Free Download here.

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See you with my next blog if not before.

Love and Light

ML x

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