Category: Wellbeing

19th April 2021

The Beauty of Being in the Present!

I have started to talk about this a lot recently. Over time I have recognized that there are many benefits to being present once we settle into a practice of behaviours that support us with that. It can be hard to get out of our heads at times and to keep ourselves, mind and body, in the present moment. And yet by working to be […]

8th March 2021

Create Your Wellbeing Routine With These 5 Steps

When we get caught up in our daily lives and all the things we need to do next, we can easily find ourselves slipping to the end of our to-do list. This can occur sometimes without us even realizing that it has happened. So how do we keep ourselves in the frame? What can we do to support ourselves day-to-day, and so avoid getting to […]

22nd February 2021

Your Personal Growth Plan in 4 Easy Steps

The concept of personal growth can feel nebulous at times. Finding ways to look at our own personal growth journey in a concrete way can be a challenge. And yet the beauty of ongoing personal growth is that it significantly supports our levels of wellbeing, our capacity to reach our true potential and feeds the human need to evolve, learn and grow. So, what does […]