Intuitive Coaching

Hi, I am Marie-Louise, and as an Intuitive Life Coach, I work to support people seeking to build a deeper soul connection and stronger personal foundations, that will support them to live a more authentic and heartfelt life.

Through our Intuitive Life Coaching sessions, we work to support you to alleviate stress, build self-empowerment, and increase personal clarity alongside helping you to feel more naturally energetic and have more passion for the life you are creating for yourself. Our focus is also on helping you develop a more profound mind-body-soul balance.

I support you in achieving these goals by helping you release old patterns and energies that do not support you. I also teach you how to develop empowering rituals and routines of meditation, self-reflection and setting actionable intentions that fully align with your authentic and heartfelt life wishes. If you would like to have an initial conversation with me about accessing my Intuitive Life Coaching services.

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