26th April 2021

Finding Your Flow in 5 key Steps

Have you ever noticed when you are rushing around getting through your to-do list and doing all those things that you committed to doing, that you are almost doing things in a “going through the motions” sort of way? And when you think about it, you are less present in the moment and more present in your thinking around the next place you need to […]

19th April 2021

The Beauty of Being in the Present!

I have started to talk about this a lot recently. Over time I have recognized that there are many benefits to being present once we settle into a practice of behaviours that support us with that. It can be hard to get out of our heads at times and to keep ourselves, mind and body, in the present moment. And yet by working to be […]

12th April 2021

What to Do About Overthinking in 5 Key Steps

Do you ever find yourself in a complete tailspin of overthinking? Do you recognize those days when it’s just hard to switch off the mental treadmill of thoughts? When you wish you just had stillness and calm instead? It can be hard to know what to do when feeling like that. Some people have a range of things that help them, like meditation, exercise, reading […]

28th March 2021

The Gifts of Accountability and Goal Setting!

How are the skills of accountability and goal setting gifts to us? What is it they offer us that is considered gift-worthy? These traits and behaviours offer us the opportunity for regular personal growth, progress, development and a deeper sense of wellbeing. Accountability can be a challenge, and it can be a testing point for any of us. Because what it does is lay responsibility […]

22nd March 2021

How to Step Back from Overwhelm in 5 Key Steps!

Have you ever paused and looked at your week ahead on a Sunday or Monday and thought “OMG”? Our mind has a wonderful capacity if unchecked to take us down the road of overwhelm when it starts its glorious dance of overthinking, overanalysis and forward planning that at times can take us into a right old tailspin. We then begin the week in an exhausted […]